“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it… Now eagerly desire the greater gifts.” I Corinthians 12:27 and 12:29

Live so that others see who you are…

My 9 year old daughter brought home a story she had written about me. This is who I was through her eyes, things I liked to do, my favorite foods and colors. I was amazed by this story and entertained. According to her I am 65, I am not! My favorite colors and things resembled what she likes. This may be apparent to her as parents usually focus on their child’s preferences and our preferences can sometimes be hard to see.

My daughter went on to state that my favorite activity was to “nap”. Wow! When did I stop being a trail runner and a highly active person? This was difficult for me to swallow. Did she really not see me at all? To her credit, I learned to enjoy the “Einstein 15 minute power refresh” nap and this is likely the time I am the “most boring” to her but that’s my second favorite thing, didn’t she realize? I need to do better, I need to force myself to make the run the important thing again. After all, we are defined by others by what others see of us.

This leads to another important fact. Does she know my love for Christ? We listen to Christian music that she loves and we attend church services and events together and pray and talk about Christ’s expectations of us daily.

How people perceive us isn’t just by what we say. I talk about running mountains with my children all the time but I never talk about taking a nap. She didn’t list in her story that I was a runner, I was a napper in her eyes.

As Christians, or any religion and belief, are we truly “showing” others who we are? The “doing” leaves so much more of an impression and an impact than the “saying”. We are the body of Christ! Move your body so that others may see Christ in you!

Playlist must have:

If we are the Body by Casting Crowns